The company FF Collections Filippidis Filippos engaged in the production and selling of fur and leather,  in 1980 with headquarters in beautiful Kastoria.
Our store features comfortable showrooms to display the wide range of luxurious furs and leather.
Find reports our lightweight, versatile style fur for your daily output and flawless implementation, things you can see with the first touch and closely follow the highest standards of quality and style, relying always on the international fashion with a focus on empowerment of femininity.
The new models will amaze you by their excellent aesthetics, originality and finesse.
Here you will find a feast of quality choices in coats, jackets and all sizes with natural hair or treated with the latest technology and a wide variety of leather.

Our strength is the creativity, professionalism, quality and of course good prices.
That you will see in our collection is just a small sample.

For any information do not hesitate to call us.